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Hushmail FAQ

Every 460 Customer has access to fully-secure, HIPAA compliant email and forms via our partnership with Below is more information about what that means for you and your practice.

Who is
Hushmail has been in the data privacy for 20 years. Their data centers are HIPAA compliant, and one of their primary focuses is in healthcare. You can learn more on their website.
Which Hushmail services is 460 offering?
We are offering secure forms (that show up on your website) and secure email addresses for communicating with your patients and other healthcare professionals.
What is the cost?
Hushmail is a premium service with monthly/yearly costs. Plans start at $9.99/month. However, our partnership allows us to resell at a discount. Reselling is cool and all but free is even better. We’ve decided to offer you Hush services at no cost to you – we’ll cover the monthly cost.
I have GMail, Office, etc, do I really need email?
Yes. Unless the service you signed up for specifically states they are HIPAA compliant, you’re going to want to use Hushmail. Gmail, Google Apps for Business, Office 365, Yahoo, etc are not HIPAA compliant email providers. If you are doing any patient communication with these addresses you are putting your practice at risk for HIPAA violations.
Can I keep my custom email address?
Yes. There are several ways we can get you set up with a secure email address – you can use your own custom domain, or 460/Hush will provide one for you to use.
Can I set up my New Patient Forms with Hushmai?
Definitely! We can set you up with a simple contact form to assist in booking appointments, or we can build you out a full patient questionnaire that securely submits to your secure email address. No matter the form, we can make it work.
Will the forms submit into my Practice Management Software?
Unfortunately this is not something we can do at this time.

More questions? Please reach out and let us know. We’re here to take care of you!