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We think a lot about making your life easier.

You're busy. We know it. You've got a staff to manage, patients to care for, new tech and new medicine to learn about, CE credits to stay on top of… not to mention your family to raise and your life to live. Time is important to you. We get it. We also know what you went to school for and it definitely wasn't for building websites and executing marketing strategies. That's not what you want to spend your time doing.

So let us do that for you. We've worked with hundreds of doctors and respect the heck out of ya. We love utilizing our skills and talents to give you your time back. So how do we do that? By taking upon us as much of the work as possible. We'll worry about design. We'll craft your content. We'll figure out photography. We feel that if our work can help to grow your practice and enable you to help and heal more people then we go home every day feeling pretty darn good about ourselves. We know that if your website looks good, then you look good—and our websites look really, really good.

460 was founded by a full–time senior developer and a full–time senior designer. We understand design and code top to bottom, front to back. We build everything from scratch. We're in the prime of our careers and are dedicated to doing our best work. And our best work involves giving you more time. Our best work delivers real results. We know that if we dedicate our time to helping you, everyone succeeds.

So let's take the burden out of managing your website and marketing needs out of your hands and into ours. Let's each do what we do best.

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August 2006

Joel and Bethanie met and worked at the same website sweatshop where they were forced to give customers the bare minimum of their time and talent.

"I can do better," says Joel.
"Me too," says Bethanie.


January 2015

After nearly 10 years of trying to do better on their own, jumping from one marketing/design firm to another, Joel and Bethanie landed jobs at the same agency again (also a sweatshop).

"Yay, we work together again!" says Bethanie.
"Does this feel a little like our last job together…?" says Joel.


July 2015

Knowing they had the skills and experience to turn their sweatshop jobs into a quality service, Joel and Bethanie collaborated a few like-minded individuals to create a seamless process for delivering beautiful websites quickly and efficiently, a process they called the "kaizen".

"We want to make your website service better for your customers," says Joel and Bethanie.
"I don't think you know what you're doing, you're being reassigned." says Joel and Bethanie's boss.


January 2017

The following months were filled with daily walks and talks and plannings and schemings. If the company they worked for didn't want to improve their service, then Joel and Bethanie would do it themselves. They spent a whole lot of time shaping and building a solid product, identifying and creating their brand, and improving their process to create the best customer experience possible.

"It's time for us to do the best work we can do," says Joel.
"And we'll call ourselves 460," says Bethanie.


September 2017

Joel and Bethanie were hired by an influential medical professional to rebuild his website. He loved the final product so much that he invited Joel and Bethanie to visit him in Texas to talk about their up and coming website business, and what could he do to help.

"Joel and Bethanie are rockstars; I highly recommend them," says influential medical professional.
"Oh, stop," says Joel.
"Oh, please continue," says Bethanie.


February 2018

Influential medical professional (now a good doctor friend) introduced Joel and Bethanie to the board of directors for the Texas Optometric Association, who then invited 460 to attend their annual convention in Austin. 460 sponsored the entertainment for that even and were able to network with hundreds of other medical professionals in need of website services.

"This is getting real," says Joel.
"We should probably finish our own website," says Bethanie.


March 2018

So we got these ridiculous photos taken of ourselves to put on our website…

"Did you color your hair purple just to match your companies branding?" says curious bystander.
"no, I designed the company's branding to match my hair," says Bethanie.


August 2018

Joel and Bethanie believe that a good website is just the beginning of having a successful online presence. There are many other factors to consider, such as SEO, content marketing, and reputation management. Joel and Bethanie wanted the best for their clients, so they partnered with SQRD Media, a local award-winning marketing company.

"We're good at websites," says Joel and Bethanie
"We're good at marketing," says SQRD.


October 2018

460 + SQRD attend the Texas Optometric Association's EyeCon® event in Dallas, offering their combined services to hundreds of optometrists looking to improve their online reputation and visibility.

So glad we decided to do this," says Joel.
"Best decision we ever made," says Bethanie.

We're still growing!

We have lots of exciting opportunities ahead of us, and we can't wait to share our experiences with the world. We look forward to attending more events and building more partnerships with other stellar companies and associations. Check back with us occasionally to see how we're doing.

Bethanie Hillier, Designer

Bethanie loves to make things beautiful, online and off. But her specialty is websites and digital interfaces. She's been doing it now for over 10 years and has loved every minute of it.

"The internet is all kinds of ugly. It's been said that the public is more familiar with bad design than good design. I'm convinced it needs people like Joel and me. I have an insatiable passion for making beautiful websites, and Joel has the skills to bring my work to life. Together, we're determined to make the world wide web a better place."

Joel Jenkins, Developer

Joel has been developing websites and other curiosities for nearly fifteen years. He loves learning new technology and techniques. Joel specializes in Wordpress, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery.

"I love coding websites; I'd do it even if I didn't need to. I've been neck-deep in the industry for almost 15 years and I love learning new technology and techniques. I'm so excited that I've found a great partner in Bethanie to take my career and our company to the next level."
A portrait of Joel and Bethanie, founders of 460

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